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We have an envious reputation for providing outstanding support to individuals, institutions and organisations requiring proofreading and editing services. We understand that each sector has different individual needs. That is why we allocate projects to specialists with sector-specific knowledge, experience and expertise. This ensures we provide a value-added service that is efficient, accurate and reliable.


Is it time to hand in your semester essay and you have been having sleepless nights because you don’t think that some of your wording, vocabulary or sentence structure is quite right? If that is the case don’t waste any more time send your essay to us and we will tidy it up for you. Our experienced professional proofreaders and editors know how, sometimes, it is just too time consuming finding the correct word or expression to illustrate or emphasize an important point. A fresh pair of eyes can sort that problem out in minutes and fine tune your essay into a masterpiece that reads well. We allocate an editor or proofreader that understands the language required for an academic essay and has years of experience making an essay look professional. Don’t lose valuable marks or get any more sleepless nights email send your essay to us today and you will be amazed with the results.


A dissertation is more than a semester essay, it’s an original piece of work where the author has to show that he or she has added to the knowledge of the subject matter discussed. Our dissertation proofreaders and editors have wide and varied experience in all subjects and if you are not pleased with your final dissertation, a keen eye from one of our professionals will soon put that right. Our appointed expert can identify not only spelling mistakes, incorrect wording and clumsy sentences but also where ambiguities may exist in the text or statements that have been made that are not backed up by suitable references. It is these parts of a dissertation that, if not corrected, may lose you valuable marks. Additionally, the way you reference your essay is extremely important. Dissertation markers penalize students for submitting work that has been plagiarised. This is easy to fix and that is by citing the source of ideas provided by others. Our appointed editor will know when something is someone else’s words and not yours and will point this out to you. He or she will also ensure that you have cited your references and compiled your bibliography in the right format. Our team of experts know all the different referencing formats such as Harvard and APA. Don’t delay get your dissertation to us as soon as possible so that a fresh set of eyes can polish it to perfection.


Are you just about to hand in your final masters or PHD thesis and you feel that there is something missing. Your tutor may have gone through it page by page with some useful suggestions but you haven’t been able to put pen to paper to follow them. If that’s the case and the deadline date is nearly upon you, get your thesis to us immediately. A fresh professional pair of eyes can do wonders to a thesis whose pages have already become worn with the constant fingering with trying to make vital eye catching improvements. We have a proofreader/editor in your subject just waiting to improve your thesis. Our professionals don’t just look at grammar, vocabulary and spelling but they go far beyond that. Our appointed professional will, of course, sort out all these features to ensure it is professionally presented. The person will also make suggestions regarding layout, confusion or ambiguity in ideas presented and will ensure that there is no obvious signs of plagiarised paragraphs or sentences. He or she will check that references are written in the correct format and your bibliography is laid out correctly too. If you want to take advantage of our fantastic service customized to suit your thesis then contact us today with your thesis, tell us your deadline and we will have it perfected it on your behalf.

Academic papers

You may be a lecturer or a tutor in your university and you are required to present a termly academic paper to your faculty and you might hope that this paper gets passed this year’s students and gets published and is used as the basis of ideas and inspiration for future students. It won’t be just your professor or head of department that will see the usefulness and validity of your academic paper but the whole academic community that works in your field. This is a tough and competitive area and just might make or break your standing in your faculty. If this is your situation make sure you have a decent shot at producing a fabulous academic paper that will leave its mark in the academic community. By sending your academic paper for proofreading and editing by one of our professionals you can be assured that what you present is correct. There won’t be any typos, spelling errors, poor wording, clumsy sentences or referencing errors. Our appointed professional will iron out any errors, irregularities or inconsistencies so that you have a flawless academic paper to present to your faculty and as a result your name well may go down in history as a thought provoking academic in your field of study.


Have you just completed the final draft of your latest book but each time you read and reread you find typos, clumsy sentences and even incorrect verb tenses? If this is the case then it is time to get a new set of eyes to read through your work. We have at your disposal a team of skilled manuscript proofreaders and editors who find all those little errors that you keep overlooking. Once the reading of your manuscript is complete you won’t find one single error and it will read in exactly the way you want it to. Our appointed manuscript professional can make suggestions about style and content if he or she thinks that some improvement could be made. If you prefer only the surface features will be corrected such as spelling, verb tense confusion, wrong vocabulary words and punctuation. Whatever we do for you will move your writing as close to perfect as you could ever want.

Business documents, letters, proposals etc.

Are you just about to become involved in an important business deal and there is a lot of paperwork involved such as a business proposal or letters then you should ensure that all the documentation is free from errors and easy to read. The only way you can be sure all your written documentation is free of errors is by sending all your written work to us to proofread and edit. We have experts on our team at Academic Way who spend much of their time reading business related documents and as well as correcting grammar, spelling and syntax also ensure that the document is laid out correctly. We also check that there is no ambiguity in the wording that may result in you losing a sale or missing a contract. By sending your business documents to us means that you can be confident that what other people see won’t have any mistakes.

Books – fiction and non-fiction

If you are just about to get a fiction or non-fiction book published and you are tired of finding typos and clumsy sentences and you even think that some of your explanations could be better then send your draft to us for proofreading and editing and you will never look back. Our first class proofreaders and editors know what a good fiction & non-fiction book should look like and if you are not happy now then send your draft to us and we will set one of our dedicated professionals on the task of carefully reading your text through and correcting all the spelling, grammar and ambiguous sentences that are found in your book. We have a team of professional proofreaders and editors who cover virtually every subject so technical language is no problem at all. There is nothing worse than publishing a book and the reader cannot follow the information because it’s explained awkwardly or it’s full of grammar and spelling errors. This need no longer happen if you send your draft to us today.

English as a Second Language (ESL) essays

More and more people are choosing to study out of their own country and they have to be able to articulate properly so everyone they come into contact will understand. This includes writing essays or presentations in a variety of disciplines. Perfecting the writing of an essay is often all that is needed to ensure that you reach the right English standard. This is sometimes difficult especially when it comes to verb tenses, grammar, vocabulary use and spelling. If you are about to submit your ESL essay in your ESL class then you should get one of our proofreaders or editors to read through your essay and correct any misspelled words, reword your grammar and insert appropriate vocabulary. By doing this you not only submit an essay that is free of errors but you will learn from your mistakes too. Don’t let yourself down by handing in an essay that you know is full of mistakes. Send us your essay now and we will have completed any corrections by the deadline you set.