Editing and Proofreading

We offer this service to school students, university undergraduates, postgraduates and university professional staff in all disciplines. Businesses will gain from our proofreading and editing service too.

AcademicWay.com knows you have an in depth knowledge of your subject or product and can conduct research and then formulate and write ideas in the form of a school essay, an undergraduate dissertation, an MA and PhD thesis or lecture notes distributed to students. We also know that businesses know their products well but may not use quite the right words in their marketing material.

“Perfection is what matters”

You may know that your words, sentences and paragraphs could be improved, but have come to the point where a new pair of eyes might just add perfection to the final written work. This is where the experience and knowledge of academicway.com can really help to convert your work into a masterpiece. We offer an invaluable proofreading service that ensures your spelling, grammar and punctuation are all perfect. Our editors can also make suggestions for layout improvement too.

Proofreading Service

Spelling check

You must never hand your essay, dissertation or thesis in to your teacher, supervisor or lecturer with spelling mistakes. We ensure that your spelling is flawless.

Punctuation check

Not all writers are absolutely sure about punctuation marks. We are sure and we will amend and add to existing punctuation and remove mistakes.

Grammar check

Our proofreaders and editors are grammar specialists and they ensure your grammar is appropriate and flawless.

Tracking changes

Our proofreaders and editors don’t leave you wondering what has been changed. We use the Word track changes facility so you know where you went wrong.

Editing Service

This is the next stage up from the basic level and it includes revising and improvement of sentence construction without losing the meaning of the text.

Our proofreaders understand all the different referencing styles and they check thoroughly to make sure your references and footnotes are correct.

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Proofreading Plus™ Service

This stage includes more than spelling and grammar correction as it includes changing the following where necessary.

Free evaluation is offered

Send us the first page of your essay, dissertation or thesis and we will offer a free evaluation making recommendations in relation to the quality of your work. You can then decide which service is appropriate for your needs.


If you use our service more than once, we can offer a 5% discount and if you refer someone else we will pay you 5% of the money received from that client.