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Editing & Proofreading Services

Academic Way provides the following editing and proofreading services


We proofread and edit you essay to ensure there is no grammar mistake. Our experienced professional proofreaders and editors understands the language required for an academic essay and has years of experience making an essay look professional.


Dissertation is the most important academic writing you have, our appointed expert can identify not only spelling mistakes, incorrect wording and clumsy sentences but also where ambiguities may exist in the text or statements that have been made that are not backed up by suitable references.


We have a proofreader/editor in your subject just waiting to improve your thesis. Our professionals don’t just look at grammar, vocabulary and spelling but they go far beyond that including necessary adjustments to ensure your thesis looks professional.

Academic papers

If you are a lecturer or university professor, we can help you. By sending your academic paper for proofreading and editing by one of our professionals you can be assured that what you present is correct before submitting to journals for review.


Just finished a book? It’s time to take a rest. We have at your disposal a team of skilled manuscript proofreaders and editors who find all those little errors that you keep overlooking. Once the reading of your manuscript is complete you won’t find one single error and it will read in exactly the way you want it to.

Business documents, letters, proposals etc

We have experts who spend much of their time reading business documents and as well as correcting grammar, spelling and syntax also ensure that there is no ambiguity in the wording that may result in you losing a sale or missing a contract.


Our first class proofreaders know what a good book should look like and if you are not happy now then send your draft to our dedicated professionals on the task of carefully reading your text through and correcting all the spelling, grammar and ambiguous sentences that are found in your book.

English as a second Language (ESL) essays

As an overseas student, we are the best academic aid. Our expert proofreaders and editors understand how important to get your language correct. We will ensure there is no grammar mistakes and if needed re-write your sentences to make it sounds more ‘native’.

Special service for full book proofreads and edits

When you ask our team to proofread and edit your book we will also assess its content at no extra charge. When you receive your edited book you will find that comments have been placed in the margins. We will assist you with publishing your book too which includes:

  • Offer assistance with the writing of a Query Letter to be sent to Publishers
  • Offer useful advice and suitable resources for acquiring a Literary Agent
  • Help you in the writing of a powerful Press Release

Have your writing proofread and edited.

If you need some writing proofread or edited no job is too big for us.

  • Correct spelling, punctuation and formatting errors
  • Rewrite and improve sentences
  • Make suggestions if the content does not follow a logical order
  • Make suggestions if your ideas seem vague or incoherent and your word usage is inappropriate
  • Adjust your writing style such as the use of verb tense or appropriate vocabulary
  • Adjust the tone of the writing to suit the target audience
  • Ensure paragraphs are logically written and are restricted to an idea and are not too wordy or too long.
  • Monitor the use of repetition or redundancy in the writing is used by individuals in:

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